Key Destinations


Marvel at London’s rich and proud heritage dating back thousands of years. Bursting with an abundance of culture, enthralling history and artistic delights. Delve just a little further and you will also discover world-class restaurants, quaint pubs, bustling markets and a world class selection of theatre shows and attractions to choose from.


Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital is a treasure trove of history. Visit historic castles and palaces and roam the higgledy-piggledy medieval streets of Old Town. Uncover the unique character of this famous Scottish city. A sense of history is around every corner and under your feet of this beautiful city. Explore underground vaults and its picturesque town centre.


Capital of the Scottish Highlands, Inverness lies at the north end of the Great Glen where the River Ness flows into the Moray Firth on the country’s east coast. A focal point for all travel, trade and communication through the Highlands for hundreds of years and is an amazing place to visit via rail.


Where the River Mersey meets the Irish Sea, Liverpool is known as the city of arts and music. Hometown of The Beatles, visit the Liverpool Beatles Museum and explore the history of some of the most infamous musicians. Catch impressive views of key riverside landmarks on the Mersey River Cruise and explore all the history and colour Liverpool has to offer.


France’s capital and a global centre for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. Explore Paris’ 19th-century cityscape of boulevards and visit landmarks such as the iconic Eiffel Tower and the Notre-Dame cathedral. Captivating views can be experienced cruising the River Seine and streets full of boutiques and cafes are waiting to be explored.


Bruges can be distinguished by its canals, cobbled streets and medieval buildings. In the city centre, Burg square is the soul of Bruges. This grand, majestic square is lined with monumental landmark buildings. Nearby, you can explore Market square, home to a 13th-century belfry and 83m tower with panoramic views, visiting Bruges is something not to be missed.

Other destinations

UK: Glasgow, Aberdeen, Carlisle, Newcastle, Durham, York, Leeds, Liverpool, Lake District, Cardiff, Bristol, Plymouth, Penzance and more…

Europe: Paris, Amsterdam, Lille, Brussels, Bruges and more…

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